Make a life, not a living

Welcome to the money mind

Conventional wisdom is keeping you poor while a new generation of money makers enjoy untold wealth. Financial freedom is no longer exclusive to the top 1%. It’s achieved when a knowledgeable mind meets the right opportunity.

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The truth about money

Being young in the modern world isn’t easy. You’re swamped with debt. The job market is saturated. Living costs are through the roof. At the same time, social media taunts you with glamorous lifestyles and unrealistic expectations that leave you feeling inadequate, and quite frankly, fed up. This creates two types of people. Those who pull others down with negative thoughts and those who pull themselves up with optimism. Your life will only truly change when you embrace the latter and take full ownership of the past, present and future. Then you are free to be at the cause and effect of your own destiny.

The world is FULL of opportunity. Money is EVERYWHERE. In fact, hundreds of trillions MORE has been created in the last 20 years.

There’s just one slight problem. The finance experts and entrepreneurs of yesterday rely on conventional advice that worked for them, but they don’t fully understand the fast-changing digital and cultural landscape that creates young millionaires today. The Money Mind explores ways for a new generation to manage personal finance and investing that’s condusive to a life of meaning, fun, and financial freedom.

Take control of your personal finance

Invest in freedom

Most people see financial freedom as an end goal – the point at which we have enough money to never work again. In reality, a rich person with a poor mentality is still wired to want more, spend more, and pursue self-destructive habits. True freedom is more than an outcome. It’s a state of mind. A calmness in your voice. A lightness in your step. It’s having control of knowing that wherever life takes you, you will be fine. Embracing all that you are and can be. Money may bring you momentary joy, but building the money mindset will set you free.