7 Top TikTok finance influencers you should know about

Save MoneyBy Eamon
Tiktok finance influencers UK

Getting started in personal finance feels like a chore even before the stuffy articles educating you about the importance of loans, P/E ratios and stock diversification. That’s why TikTok finance influencers are doing a stellar job at making content fit for modern consumption. Their short, fun, and digestible tips blend into your TikTok feed, making them the perfect start (and daily reminders) to help master your money and live the life you want.


Kenny teaches everything you wish you had learned at school and more. He covers the basics of everything from understanding inflation and debt in our current economic climate to real estate, bitcoin and stocks. He quickly points you in the right direction with key finance book suggestions and powerful clips from famous entrepreneurs to change your mindset towards money management.


If you want to start making money with stock investments, tik.stocks provides a succinct but informative take on which types are likely to do well in the current economy. Even more importantly, he explains the ‘why’ so you can learn to pick up sound logic and reasoning to make your own investment decisions in the future.


Sara brings a relatable perspective as a young influencer on her journey to financial success and sharing what she’s doing on the way. At the same time, she adds a dash of inspirational lifestyle visuals to motivate you. You’ll find a treasure trove of simple finance concepts and tips to help anyone start an online business. Definitely one for the young and ambitious.


Winner winner chicken dinner. Savingwhizgina serves a masterclass in everyday food saving. You’ll discover how to cut the food shopping bill, prep food properly, and cook new meals in interesting ways. It will end up saving so much time and money you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing some of these things earlier.


Finally a UK-specific Tiktok finance influencer. Pennies To Pounds is that responsible friend every student needs in their life. She’s a straight-talking personal finance whiz that will set you on the right path and check your bad habits. Anyone living in expensive cities like London needs to hear such sensible guidance to avoid reaching 40 and still being broke beyond belief.


Another no-nonsense UK finance influencer for young professionals. Frugal Spender goes a level deeper when giving practical advice. He’ll even show you how minor adjustments like changing a phone contract can lead to up to 700k extra wealth over your lifetime. Critically, he also stresses having a money mindset, which is what you need to achieve true freedom and control over your life. You will be face palming to no end once you realise how much you could have been making by simply switching up your current spending habits.


Business meets finance for all you aspiring entrepreneurs and hustlers out there. If you don’t want the 9-5 life and want to start making smarter finance choices to grow your wealth, justnayim has you covered. He dispels the stigmas in society that lead us down conventional routes that limit our ability to earn money and instead provides new ways forward for digital natives.

And there you have it, a non-exhaustive list of popular influencers because who wants their Tiktok to be filled to the brim with finance content. Stay vigilant and always do further research before you act on something you hear or read about. Your money is your future.