Best Side hustle ideas to make extra money in 2024

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Side hustle ideas UK

People are moving away from the standard 9 to 5 grind because of poor pay and many have discovered the prospect of financial freedom where you get to live on your own terms. Enter side hustles. These have proven to be an effective way to supplement your income to afford a comfortable life and even outright transitioning to your own business. Whether you have no experience and want to make a bit on the side, scale a million pound business from home, or get some passive income, there are side hustle ideas for everyone. Stick around until the end for the unique ideas most people haven’t found out yet.

Online Side Hustle Ideas

Run an eCommerce shop

An eCommerce store is the best side hustle if you want to scale your income into a massively successful business in the future. But that comes with more difficulty making it work in your spare time. After all, you need to manage inventory, sales and marketing, shipping, and customer service. However, you can use dropshipping, which outsources the logistical responsibilities to the manufacturer and you just need to get the sales and deal with customer enquiries. Your best bet is to find a niche idea such as UK fly fishing or samurai swords, then learn to create effective PPC and social media ads that generate profit and reinvest.

If you learn to make quirky crafts such as jewellery, trinkets, ornaments etc you can sell them on Etsy. Or you can sell used goods for profit by finding low price items on sites like Facebook marketplace, Gumtree, and DePop and resell on a popular platform like eBay and Amazon for a higher amount. Simply research the average price for items that are in demand and search for a deal that covers the cost of shipping, platform fees (10%) and you want at least a 10% price reduction on top of that but preferably more. Targeting luxury goods can give you a bigger profit margin.

Blogging/Affiliate marketing websites

Running an affiliate marketing site may be your best choice if you’re looking for passive income. Initial time investment can be quite high when building a website from the ground up (you can buy ones already making money), but the payoff is often worth it. Essentially, you create a content website about a topic e.g. fitness equipment, review products and then link readers to a retailer selling those products such as Amazon and you get a 3-15% commission fee for the referral. This can make you anywhere from £10 a month to £20,000 and maintaining a site may only take up to 8 hours per week. I recommend this if you are able to write good content and understand SEO. Perfect job for digital nomads.

Content creator or Social media influencer

If you want to let your personality shine or have a subject you can talk about endlessly, social media is a great gig for you. As long as you can get followers and engagement by adding value and building a relationship with your audience, there are plenty of ways to monetise that attention. You can get ad money from a YouTube channel, donations from live streaming on Twitch, brand sponsorships e.g. clothing brand posts on Instagram or TikTok, and gaining consultancy or B2B clients on LinkedIn.

In addition, you can use affiliate marketing in your posts to link viewers to websites to buy products and collect commission without needing to direct them to your website.

If you have interesting discussions with friends or a good network you could break into the hugely popular podcasting scene, although it does rely heavily on featuring guests who already have an online audience.

YouTube thumbnail editor

YouTube has millions of content creators fighting to get clicks on their video. The thumbnail plays a crucial role in boosting clicks and any successful or ambitious person knows this and is willing to invest a lot of money into creative thumbnails. All you need is some basic Photoshop skills and a bit of imagination to grab people’s attention using formulas from popular YouTubers like MrBeast. Send channels a direct message telling them you can increase their views with your thumbnails for new videos and also repurposing existing videos with fresh thumbnails.

Freelance and personal coaching

One of the easiest ways to transfer your existing skills into extra cash is doing a freelance gig on the side. Use LinkedIn to post expert tips on a regular basis and place a link to a website with your services in your profile. You should get some work trickle in and eventually enough demand to go self employed full-time as your followers grow. You can also promote your services on freelancing platforms like PeoplePerHour, UpWork and Fiverr. 

Transcripts and translation

With so many people recording footage for social media there is a need for someone to take transcripts and remove filler words, stutters, and unwanted sounds between words like ‘uuuhhh’.

If you are bilingual this is a massive advantage online because many businesses need a translator to expand their websites to international markets. Find websites with subdomains in your non-English speaking market ( or and offer to translate the content into the native language.

Create an online course

Online education is one of the most lucrative sectors right now and creating a course allows you to scale a product traditionally constrained by time. Once you’ve recorded a curriculum about a topic of your choice, you don’t have to do anything other than to promote it. Luckily these days there are several platforms like uDemy which already have lots of users looking for courses. You just need to research the categories on those websites and produce something that fits right in and offer something more comprehensive, high quality or different than competitors. There are likely other website within your niche that will include you as one of their in-house teachers like LANDR uses Jason Allen for music production videos, who also sells music courses on uDemy.

CV writing

Everyone wants to present the best version of themselves to potential employers but many people struggle to sell their strengths and achievements. Source details of recent university graduates as your main demographic. View profiles on LinkedIn with poorly written ‘about me’ and ’employement history’ sections and reach out to improve so they are more likely to be headhunted by a Fortune 500 company, get +20% salary offers, and an added safety net to move between companies. Link to your website or if they’re interested on LinkedIn, schedule a call and gather some info like their existing CV or ask some questions on a call. Take payment to start and send a revised version that’s optimised. You can even offer to help them build up their entire LinkedIn account into a ‘superstar profile’ as part of the service. Make sure your own profile is in order first, though. Once you’ve had some success, it becomes easier to pitch that you helped e.g. Ben to secure a job at Gymshark.

Website or domain flipping

If you get gain the necessary skills to grow a website such as SEO, UX, Conversion optimisation or content writing, you can sell websites for a sizeable profit. Find an undervalued site that has high traffic but poor monetization, or good monetization but bad SEO practices. Once you’ve found one with potential for short to medium term growth, do some work and resell with increased revenue and traffic for a much higher price.

Domain names ( can sell for large amounts when a name is in demand. Whenever there is a new trend such as hydrogen cars or metaverse, those search terms explode on Google so domain names that are an exact match (e.g. or very close match to the topics ( or may fetch a high price to website owners looking to capitalise on that trend.

Dseign social media templates

If you have creative flair you can help a lot of businesses who struggle to create content efficiently on social media. You can use social media platforms to discover business profiles that have inconsistent branding and design or infrequent posts. Next reach out to offer a solution via Canva where you can setup shared accounts with the correct brand colours, fonts, image dimensions, and style templates for different types of content they would benefit from posting. You can take this a step further and manage their social media accounts.

Website maintainence retainers

Offer a monthly maintenance service for WordPress websites. This includes regularly updating their plugins on a staging website to make sure no functionality breaks, fixing any basic function problems, improving and monitoring security to keep it safe from hackers, website backups, better speed performance by compressing images, dedicated time for admin changes like adding business documents to a page. You can install a white label premium plugin set from WPMUDEV that does most of the performance and security work for you. You can charge £500-1000 annually and do weekly and monthly checks which take 1-3 hours of your time for each client per month.

Side Hustles Ideas for hands on services

These side hustle ideas trade your time for money with physical labour. They’re great options if you’re a hands-on person or have no experience (or a hobby you can teach). You just need one thing to get started with ease – sales skills. Research competitors, offer a better price or service, and get calling potential customers. Create a website demonstrating your offer, promote on social media, place ads in local newspapers, pin your services on public notice boards and through letterboxes. Once you have a few clients you will usually get more work through recommendation. If you undercut competitors on price then some people will take a gamble on you to save money. If they are hesitant to go ahead with you, offer to let them pay only if satisfied (they nearly always pay anyway).

Babysitting or nanny

This is a good side hustle for teens and student girls. It doesn’t require too much commitment and can be easy cash to spend your evening in another house keeping watching. You can charge £8-12 an hour which often results in a modest £40 for 4 hours responsibility.


Wedding photography is no joke. You can get between £800-£3000 for a day of shooting. Of course, you’ll then need to select the best photos and package it all nicely to present the bride and groom. It also requires an expensive camera. Similarly, you can get booked for business and private events from conferences to shows and festivals. If that’s too much pressure, try family portraits, food & drink shots, sell editorial photos to websites, or take advantage of the booming social media influencer industry and offer to source picture-perfect Instagram locations to shoot the best angles and lighting for engagement.

Gardening and landscaping

Basic landscaping can be done with little to no experience. Just start with simple services like pruning flowers, removing weeds, and cutting grass, raking, watering plants, and hedge cutting. You can move into garden design, construction of sheds and water foundations, and paving paths such as driveways but that’s more advanced. Prices vary from £12-£55 an hour but the key is to get wealthy rural customers with large properties. They require you for longer hours at higher pay, own all the garden tools you need, and a lot of the time they aren’t even home. You just need to gain the trust of one or two clients and you’ll be recommended to others.

Tour guide

If you live in an area with lots of tourists you have a huge opportunity to organise tours. Whether you want to talk people through the history of popular landmarks or plan event filled days is your choice but you can charge £10-30 per head for a specific date and then fill those vacancies in advance. Getting in front of tourists before their trip can prove to be quite difficult but it helps if you have a clear UK specific website like and optimise pages for common places people visit like Madam Tussaud’s.

Pet sitting or dog walking

Dog walkers can make a decent little chunk of money but expect to commit to a routine. Owners don’t want someone who can only available sometimes walk their dog because they have typical hours. Still, you can get £10-12 per hour for one walk and take several dogs at once if you can manage to pick them up within a close proximity. Sometimes pet owners plan whole day trips or go away for the weekend. If you can build some trust with customers you can upsell petsitter services at their convenience.


Finding a dedicated facility for a carwash is difficult and expensive and you don’t to work for peanuts somewhere else. Instead, start a mobile carwash for local in your neighbourhood. You can just put a flyer introducing yourself, your service and prices through letterboxes. Similarly, you can call businesses with private car parks for their employees and offer to clean their cars while they’re working so it’s clean when they leave. Sometimes cars are too close together for a jet washer machine so you can use waterless car wash equipment.

Computer and phone repairs

Computer and mobile phone repair guys charge extrortionate rates and quite often the fixes don’t take long but people are generally clueless when it comes to technology so they’ll pay up. There is so much demand because a lot can go wrong. Even if you stick to something simple like screen repairs, you can replace phone screens within an hour and charge up to £170. Replacing batteries is another service people need for laptops and phones alike. No one wants to pay Apple store prices for MacBook changes so third party sellers have continous demand market from millions of people. Believe it or not, learning the skills of a technician isn’t hard. A complete beginner can build a computer from scratch in 4 hours with instructions. In fact, many people build custom PCs because buying the individual components is way cheaper than a pre-build you find in shops so you can sell higher spec devices at more affordable prices as well.

Yoga or fitness instructor

If you take interest in fitness and nutrition then consider becoming a personal trainer. You can get a Level 3 Personal Trainer certification within 4-16 weeks depending on study time. Start from you just need to post pictures and videos of workout plans on social media and getting talking to people in your gym. You’ll start attracting clients through conversation and plan your regular gym sessions around when you have extra work training someone. You can charge a comfortable £30 for the hour and include other services like boxing pads and conditioning or cardio HIIT training.

Yoga is much easier to start up. Just find a space to rent out. Business centres can be good targets because they can give you space and there are lots of people in the building that may warm to the idea of a destresser at lunch or after work. Plus, with yoga classes you can teach 20 people at once all paying £5-10.

ChatGPT side hustle ideas

Write children's books with ChatGPT

Come up with an idea for a story that you think kids will love. Make sure it’s simple with short sentences and word sequences that are engaging such as rhymes and alliteration. Reinforce it with a moral message to instil good values parents want their kids to have. Prompt ChatGPT to write it and then use MidJourney to create AI images of character creations that bring the story to life. Edit it together and publish as an eBook or physical copy to sell on places like Amazon and pitch to bookstores and online retailers.

Create an AI assistant tool

Even during a recession investment in AI has exploded and amounts to billions of pounds. Now is the perfect time while the technology is in its early stages to use ChatGPT’s API to creative a tool to help make people’s lives easier. Find an idea for a service that would typically be expensive due to human input and get an AI bot to replace them to do that work in a fraction of the time. Examples include digital personal assistants, lawyers, money budgeting advisors, copywriters, and text to video generators. Add the ability to download as a Chrome extension, an app or as a premium monthly subscription tool on your website.

Unique side hustle ideas

Collect and repurpose waste materials

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some tradesmen like tree surgeons cut down A LOT of heavy wood in people’s gardens and would happily pass on the duty of clearing up and taking the wood away. You can chop it up and put it into a chipper to sell as sawdust, cut into fire wood or get someone to carve wooden crafts. Likewise, construction workers doing property refurbishment may knock down stone from old sheds to build new from scratch and you can offer to take that rubble away then turn it into concrete, paving slabs or sculptures.

Rent your car out

Renting out your car (or a room) can be a nice way to make pretty passive income. As long as you have the correct insurance cover to allow others to drive etc you’re in the clear. There are peer to peer car sharing services you can list your car on such as Hiyacar who claim you can earn up to £650 a month.

Antique or vintange item restoration

Vintage items can be lucrative if you have the right experience to spot them. This typically requires depth of knowledge about the history of high value collectibles that are scarce and in demand. Whether it’s a vase, painting, or a car, most things deteriorate over time. A lot of restoration work involves painting dulled out colours back to its original look. Others can even do it for you as long as you can source a sought after item for a low price.

Flip used cars from auctions

Used car auctions sell some vehicles dirt cheap. If you’re able to diagnose for potential problems before buying, you can find some gems in decent condition or in need of light work such as paint touch ups and they sell much higher on places like Autotrader. You can lessen the risk researching the most popular cars selling right now and target them at auctions.

AirBnB rental arbitrage

Airbnb arbitrage refers to a business strategy where individuals or companies lease properties from landlords or property owners on a long-term basis and then list those properties on Airbnb to generate short-term rental income. The goal of Airbnb arbitrage is to generate a profit by charging higher rates for short-term stays compared to the long-term lease costs. This is a profitable way to enter the world of property without needing large sums of capital to own a home. The right places could get you 2-3 times the money you pay and is perfectly legal in the UK.

Are side hustles worth it?

The first thing people want to know is how much can a side hustle make, which is like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ If you want to make money quick, there are many popular side hustle ideas that can make you £200-400 a month doing physical jobs such as gardening, babysitting, and phone repairs. If you already have a professional skill and put yourself out there, it’s an easy way to make extra money without much change in your life.

Side hustles allow you to eventually transition into self employment and earn more per hour than being on a salary. This gives you more control over your own destiny and presents more opportunity to make a lot. Just be prepared to take on other responsibilities that come with starting a business.

Some side hustles produce (semi) passive income. When you make your money work for you with minimal time investment to maintain, it can substantially improve quality of life. Don’t expect these types of income to bring in heaps of disposable cash but it’s possible to make investments in stocks, property, and websites that add an extra 30k to your salary.

You can turn interests and hobbies into a side hustle. Doing something you love makes the additional on top of a full-time job easier.  Start thinking about how you can monetise what you do for fun, have knowledge about, or want to learn. For example, you may learn about history and turn key events into skits on YouTube or develop skills in music production and create a course to sell the basics.

The best side hustles reduce stress. If you get fired from your job you still have a source of income to pay bills. This allows you to take career breaks and make smarter decisions about taking the next step in your life.

On the other hand, taking up extra gigs can be exhausting when you already have a full-time job. You’ll want to put in at least 1-2 hours each evening to be successful. The less time you invest, the more likely it will fail so there is a possibility that you add too much stress to your life.

You have to make sacrifices, which often involve the things you like doing. Relationships with others and personal hobbies have to take a backseat and bring down your mood. You need to build resilience and overcome any laziness or procrastination. There is simply no time to waste when you are juggling multiple sources of income.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time in discomfort. Side hustles can be taxing on your wellbeing.  When problems arise you are responsible for finding the solution or risk losing that source of income. Issues tend to appear out of nowhere and may take several hours and money to make it go away so it’s not all smooth sailing.

You are competing against other people so failure to be competitive and learn business acumen to get the advantage will lead to a lot of time (and potentially money) down the drain.

Not all things last forever. The extra money you make from a side hustle may improve your lifestyle in the short-term but these sources of income can disappear just as quick. So you need to be mindful that you don’t live above your means and get into debt with big mortgages and leases that may become unaffordable.