Wealth Calculator By Age

Have you ever considered how much you should be worth right now?

The Money Mind wealth calculator predicts your net worth by age to help you stay on track of building wealth. Simply type in your age and total annual pre-tax income (from all sources).

Expect to underperform below the age of 30 as you’ve likely spent less time earning and more time learning. You should strive for 2 times the calculated net worth to be a top accumulator of wealth. Less than half the estimated amount and you’re an underacculator of wealth.

Note: This calculator only serves as a rule of thumb because it cannot factor in every variable for each individual e.g. length of time in work, income changes, and cost of living differences by location.

Millionaire Next Door Wealth Calculator (US)

*The equation is based on bestselling book, The Millionaire Next Door, which provides a comprehensive study into the lives of the rich.

Wealth calculator adjusted for UK

Average household wealth in the UK


The median total wealth in the UK is around £302,500, which includes combined household wealth. Four different categories can be used to calculate your net worth:

  1. Physical wealth. The self-reported value of personal belongings, including cars, jewellery, and other assets like antiques and works of art.
  2. Property wealth (net). The value of any property owned such as your main residence plus other land or property owned in the UK or abroad.
  3. Private pension wealth. The value of existing pension pots that are not tied to state basic retirement or state earning, such as occupational pensions, personal pensions, and retained pension rights in previous pensions.
  4. Financial wealth (net). The total value of all financial holdings, including both legal investments (such as checking or savings accounts, investment vehicles like ISAs, endowments, stocks, and shares), as well as unofficial savings.

Median wealth breakdown per adult

How rich you are for your age varies a lot based on the type of wealth you own. The majority of wealth is accumulated in property and most people don’t become homeowners until they have settled into a career with stable income after 30 years old. Hence, below that age many underperform and above 50 over perform.

Chart showing median wealth per adult by age in the UK
Source: BBC

So, the average age for acquiring your most valuable asset is 32 but keeps getting older as time passes, representing a challenge for younger people’s future financial prospects. The earlier you start, the more you benefit from the compound interest that makes you rich in the long-term. Private pension wealth hitting six figures in value is one example of the compounding effect from regularly putting small amounts aside over many years. Of course, there are many other ways to get a much greater return from your money but they also come with more risk, which is where continued learning of personal finance pays off. If you’re currently underperforming there is plenty to consider below.

Things that increase wealth

Things that decrease wealth